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Saturday, 26 May 2018

How to Maintain a Tidy Yahoo Mail Account? - Follow Some Tips & Tricks!

Yahoo ensures providing best services for its users that are available to be used right with mail services of yahoo. Yahoo is enhanced mail platform that is also available for others useful and enhanced services like finance, forecasting etc available right on the same platform where you have been using yahoo for mail sending and receiving. 

Yahoo provides so much but ensured providing everything in advance and enhanced means which makes yahoo a most suitable mail platform for varied internet needs. Yahoo comes with easy to use applications but in case users face any issues you may obtain easy help from Yahoo Customer Service Number

manage yahoo mail account

Yahoo is amazing mail platform that is used as an integral mail platform for many users and thus it is obvious that mails are managed nicely in yahoo mail inbox because the clumsy mail account is hard to manage and in such mails tracking of important mails get tough. Yahoo let users manage mails with three useful techniques:  
  1. Use smart views – The smart views categorization let users view mails in several categories that make it be arranged in a clean format. This may be important, unread, starred, people, social, shopping, travel and finance. 
  2. Use filters – One can also use filter option in yahoo with which one can apply filter to every upcoming mails such that it will automatically get to a place that do not bother users in any way. Filters are way to automatic instructing yahoo to take actions for upcoming mails this may be sending it to a destination or simply deleting it. 
  3. Use folders – folder option is a nice way managing mails in yahoo because yahoo let users create new folders for sending the mails or may use default folders to send mails in the following folders. With folders one can move similar kinds of mails in a separate destination so that it could be accesses together later when required.
When you find some time to manage and organize and mails received on your yahoo mail at times it will not increase to reach to hundred when it becomes tough managing it.

Maintaining a clean and tidy yahoo mail inbox is necessary so that you never miss any important mail this is simple with the above easy mail management techniques but still if in case you face any issues you may obtain easy help from customer service specialist 24/7 hours only just dial one call on Yahoo Contact Number 0800-098-8400 without any doubt.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

BT Customer Service- How to Avoid Unwanted Mails in BT Email Account

BT is amazing mail platform that is known to exists since last many years and since then it has been providing efficient mailing services worldwide. British telecommunication popularly known as BT was a famous telecommunication service providing company that later came out as a leading mail network service platform. It provided so effective mail services that soon it becomes integral mail platform for many users. it is still widely used in many countries by huge number of users and thus BT make sure to provide best mail services throughout but in case if users still face any issues using their Bt platform services they may obtain easy help from BT Helpline Number. 

How Do I Stop Getting Spam Emails on BT Mail? 

When you are commonly using your BT mail platform it may happen sometimes that you need to receive some mails which are not actually important to you because in such cases those unwanted mails get mixed with the important mails to confuse you. In such cases it is possible to add several filters to this so that important mails do not mix with the important mails. Users can apply such filters so that mails do not enter inbox and directly get entered to specified locations. 

BT Filters to Avoid Unwanted Mails

Some of these options are: 

1. Spam protection – While BT have its own way of detecting a spam mail you can direct it to send all those mails to a separate spam folder which according to BT are considered as spam. Spam mails identification can also be initialized by user if required. 

2. Filters – Filters comes as rule option for BT mail users with which one can set their own rules according to which Bt will work. By settings filters in BT mail a user may instruct Bt to take some actions automatically for the next upcoming mails. 

3. Block addresses – When you feel that a particular user is sending similar kinds of mails which are not useful for you it is possible to block that particular email address in BT. After blocking that particular email address that user will no longer be able to send you any mails. But you don't know how to do it, so you can take instant help from tech experts only just dial BT Phone Number.

4. Safe sender – Sometimes when you need to contact to a specialized group of people on your BT account you may decide that which people you want to stay connected to via your BT mails. You can initialize the emails address of all those group of users so that no other person will be able to send you mails. BT will receive mails only from the decided users. 

5. Image blocking – Sometimes some mails include those images which are harmful for you. This option can block the download of those images which are suspicious and sent as an attachment within the emails over BT. 

With all these features a user can stay safe and secure online. These are all easy to use security features which must be used by users for better BT experience but in case if users still face any issues using any of these feature they may obtain easy help from BT Contact Number 24x7 Hours without any hesitation.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Turning Off Conversations in Your Yahoo Mail Plus

Yahoo Mail Plus allows you to get to your Yahoo mailbox utilizing an email customer, for example, MS Outlook and gives a large group of different features for your business, including email sending and extra filters. Yahoo Mail Plus still uses the inherent Messenger to enable you to stay in contact with Yahoo Support Number executives. You can kill or turn off the Messenger by logging out. 

In the event that you log out, you have to log in manually next time you need to talk. To secure your protection, you can likewise turn off the discussion history and keep Yahoo from putting away your conversations.  

turning off conversations in yahoo mail plus

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Sign in to Yahoo Mail Plus account. The Messenger highlight automatically logs you in to your Messenger account and your contacts are shown in Messenger sheet. On the off chance that you are on the web, your contacts can begin chatting with you. 

Step 2: Now tap to your status in the Messenger sheet and pick Log Out of Messenger to kill Messenger. Messenger stays turned off until the point when you choose to turn it on again by picking Accessible or Invisible from the menu. 

Step 3: Tap on the rigging symbol and after that select Settings option from the menu to open the Settings tab. 

Step 4: After that tap to your Messenger in the route sheet and after that uncheck the Keep a history of conversations section the Conversation History segment to keep Yahoo from saving your discussions. 

Step 5: Click on the Save button to spare the new settings.

Tips and Tricks - 
Tips and tricks

  • In case if you can't discover the Messenger sheet, tap to Messenger in the left sheet to show it. 
  • The Log in to Messenger to see who's online message is shown in the Messenger sheet in case if the Messenger is turned off. 
  • To show up offline to your contacts however keep the Messenger service turned on, pick Invisible rather than Log Out of Messenger. 
  • Your contacts will be not able to send you texts if the Messenger feature is killed. They can, in any case, send you email messages. 
In case if you will not able to understand these above steps or in any case unable to take after these steps properly then you simply give us call on our Toll free Yahoo Customer Service Number 0800 098 8400. Through this helpline number you can directly with our specialized specialists. 

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