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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Enable/ Disable Conversation View in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is the most appropriate free web based email service which is widely used due to its advanced features in all over the world. It is uniquely designed to give the perfect access to the users to access Yahoo Mail to create their own email account to perform the mailing activities in an efficient manner. Yahoo provides perfect platform for the communication, where you can easily and softly deal with your clients and employees or friends in terms of sending and receiving emails. Your conversation is totally kept as private, as no one can have the access of your conversation. This will be done because there is highly safety and security features available in it. You may usually faces lots of issues in it while operating your email account. But you need not to take worry about it; you all issues will be solved easily. Yahoo Customer Service Number provides you measures to resolve the all issues. You may just need to connect with the tech support team to resolve the issues. 

Yahoo conversation view setting

There is a unique features in it by which you can view the conversations in your desired way by enabling and disabling the conversation view feature in it. Yahoo Mail can group such threads of the conversation. In your inbox, together with the latest message in the thread, you will easily find out the all emails which are belonging to that same conversation including all your replies from the sent folder. Not only does this make reading email more straightly forward, you can act on any conversation’s messages as a group, say to archive or delete them, or to mark an entire thread read. 

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Instructions to Enable/ Disable the conversation view in Yahoo Mail are as follows: 

  • Make sure that you are using the full version of the Yahoo Mail. 
  • Move the mouse cursor over the gear icon in Yahoo Mail. 
  • From the menu that now appears, you may select the Settings. 
  • Now open the category of Viewing Mail. 
  • Make sure that the Enable conversations is been checked below when viewing the message lists. 
  • To disable the conversation view in Yahoo Mail, make sure that the Enable conversation is not checked. 
  • Then finally click on Save option to apply the changes. 
After observing the above listed points and statements, you may now know about the conversation view. You can easily enable/ disable them according to your choice and wish. It is very appropriately works to give the exact matches and result. If you are eager to know much or you have any problem in your Yahoo Mail, then you can contact to the Yahoo Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issue in a smart manner. You can also get 24*7 help and support by the highly qualified and skilled technicians to settle down your all issues properly and you can use fault free email account. 


Friday, 14 July 2017

Manage the Inline Images in your Yahoo Mail

Manage the Inline Images in your Yahoo Mail Yahoo Mail is widely used free web based email service which is especially designed to give the proper access to the users to create your own email account and perform the mailing activities. But Yahoo users can only send the messages but they are allowed to exchange any kind of files, attachments, audio, video and much more. If the users are using the older version then they are able to add the photos with the email message. With the help of yahoo Mail, it is very easy to switch the two Yahoo Mail versions; you may only need to click on the alternate version link. Including the images is very easy this is not only makes the mails messages more attractive but it also helps in conveying in an attractive and understanding manner. Yahoo Customer Service Number provides you measures to perform this function. 

Below listed are the measures to use images in your Yahoo Mail: 
  • Login to your Yahoo Mail with your username id and password. 
  • Now click on the New option and select the option of Email Message from the drop down menu. 
  • A tab of new email message will then display. 
  • You can now be able to add the images anytime while composing the email.
  • You can also insert your picture by using the Attach feature of Yahoo Mail. 
  • Just below the new email message option, you will get a button named as Attach. 
  • When you click on the button of Attach a pop up window will appear that will show on the hard disk of your system. 
  • From here you can navigate via the folder in which you have saved your all photos. 
  • You can select pictures from your directory by clicking on it and click on the open button. 
  • Each picture that is inserted in the Yahoo email message gets a Remove link beside. 
  • After Clicking, it will take out the file from the email attachment list. 
Points to remember while inserting the pictures: 
  • You can attach any kind of digital file and picture in your email. 
  • All the email attachments are scanned by an antivirus program. 
  • Number of images inserted in one email is limited to 10MB. 
  • Pictures are added one by one; in case of adding multiple you may select the Attach feature. 
  • You can insert pictures, text, audio, video in an email. 
After looking the above mentioned measures, you may surely get know about the measures to attach the email attachment in your Yahoo Mail. If you are having trouble with this, or you are unable to attach the files, then you can contact to the Yahoo Technical Support Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues in an instant manner. You may also get experts help and guidance to settle down the all issues and use your account without any fault. 


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Friday, 7 July 2017

Manage Spam Settings in Your AOL Mail

AOL Mail is one of the leading email service providers on the web. Amid the day, various messages received by the client on their email account. When you need to dispose of a few messages from your account, removing single at once can be overwhelming task. All things considered, AOL mail helps you to remove various repeated messages. If you have any inquiry related to AOL mail account; don't hesitate to consult with the tech expert by calling on AOL Phone Number

AOL mail has its junk email channel or filter set to "Medium": this ensures most culpable messages will be automatically moved to the Spam organizer, and that the probability of honest to goodness being coincidentally separated as junk email is really low. In this article, we will show you industry standards to manually check/ mark messages as spam, and how to manage your AOL Mail spam settings. Realize that AOL Mail additionally helps a "blocked rundown", which gives you a chance to piece messages in light of senders' email address, area, kind of substance, and even keywords in the subject or mail body. The best part is that these filters learn and turn out to be better the more you utilize them! 

Report Email Messages As Spam 

When you mark/check an email message as spam, two things occur in the background: in the first place, the message being referred to is moved to your Spam folder from where it can be recovered, and moved back to your inbox on the off chance that you made an error. Second, this action reports the sender as potential spammer to AOL: future emails from this email id - to you and other AOL clients may be considered as junk if enough individuals report that sender or that space.
  • Right-tap on the email message and pick "Report Spam" option. 
  • You can likewise tap on "Spam" box in the toolbar when one message is presently opened, or at least one messages are chosen utilizing the comparing checkbox on the left. Utilize the checkboxes to report different messages as spam in the meantime: 

How to Configure Spam Settings of AOL Mail?

When you are signed into AOL account, just tap on the Options dropdown, and then pick "Mail Settings" button. On the following screen, you have to pick "Spam Settings" option on the left side of the screen. After that under the "Spam Filter" hit the dropdown menu that says "Medium" of course. Tap to pick an alternate safety level:
  1. "Off" option debilitates the spam channel inside and out, this implies all emails will dependably go to your inbox, paying little mind to how suspicious they are straight junk/garbage email, phishing attempts, and so on.) 
  2. Select "Low" button in the event that you consistently find genuine messages unintentionally shifted as spam.
  3. The option of "Medium", as we saw prior, is the most secure, and default, insurance level.
  4. "High" pretty much ensures that you won't discover any spam in your inbox, additionally that you'll presumably discover real messages separated as spam. Take this setting on the off chance that you have excessively spam in your inbox. 

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Easily Save New Spam Settings 

When you are done, tap on "Save Settings" at the last of the page. The new setting produces results quickly, yet won't retroactively move around email messages as of now in your inbox of spam organizer. 

The following are one of the most ideal approaches to manage and configure spam settings in AOL Mail. In any case, if you have any issue regarding this, simply dial the toll free 0800 098 8400 accessible on the AOL Helpline Number, obtaining direct customer support for getting a trusted help for AOL problems. 

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Top 3 Tips to Yahoo Mail Classic

I've been using Yahoo Mail for a long time, and I've endured a few evolutions of the mail framework until at long last being constrained recently to make utilization of Google Mail. 

To make matters much all the more interesting, I stayed with Yahoo Mail Classic to keep things basic while Yahoo worked via their Beta update, and I've never exchanged. I've generally been a Yahoo fan, as confirm by current article on the Yahoo Go portable email programming, and obviously the article on Yahoo Calendar. With regards to Yahoo email, there are sure things I like about the Classic configuration, and in case you're a kindred Yahoo Classic mail client, I've discovered some tips that can assist to improve the Yahoo mail experience. 

Yahoo mail classic

Tip 1:  Sorting out Your Email Message 

The most essential way to improve and streamline your mail is to gather up messages in a way that sounds good to you. If that implies sorting out messages by theme and topic, at that point do as such. On the off chance that it's simpler for you to throw all messages from each of your customers into a different folder, at that point that is the thing that you should do. Utilizing email organizers is a decent way for you to customize your email experience and keep your primary email folder cleaned up.

Tip 2: Streamlining Incoming Mail 

Simply tap on "Mail Options" and you'll see that Yahoo email message is a mess more customizable than you most likely idea. As should be obvious, you can consequently embed a signature into the greater part of your email messages, set up spam email or configure an excursion automated message. Pop and Forwarding is for Premium as it were. The alternative we're interested with right now is the "Filters" option, so simply ahead and tap on it. 

In Yahoo Mail Classic, the view for filters resembles the old configuration, however the preface is the same. You're permitted up to 100 channels which, for my purposes is significantly all that could possibly be needed. Making a filter includes filling through the three segments above – the channel name, making the rule for the channel/filter and afterward which organizer to move the messages to if the incoming email coordinates the description. 


Tip 3: Little Known Yahoo Mail Features 

You can utilize this feature by tapping either "My Photos" or "My Attachments" link in the search shortcuts option. When you tap on "My Attachments" button for instance, you'll discover query items of each and every attachment you've ever gotten. These are sorted into file types, as appeared here. This is amazingly valuable for when you know you've gotten a file or document from somebody, yet you can't find it. By having the capacity to sidestep the email messages and simply search by connection or photograph, you can rapidly discover the document that you're searching for. 

Composing messages in Yahoo isn't anything to cheer about either; however there are a few features that worth specifying. You can add a layout to your messages – either color, or one of those appallingly irritating "picture" backgrounds. All through your email, you can install HTML links simply like a consistent online editor and you can likewise highlight a word utilizing an assortment of highlight colors – valuable for when you're altering somebody's written work or generally need to call attention to a segment of text. 

There is no doubt that Yahoo has been one of the best free mail service providers and its features is basically marvelous yet at the same time you may face different issues with Yahoo mail. In case you confront issues Yahoo Mail, simply call us on 0800 098 8400. 

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