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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Measures to Solve Email Issues with Hotmail Support Number

Hotmail is occurred as the most promising email service and it hits the wishes of users exactly what users want. It provides a perfect mailing platform on which users can easily communicate with their friends and relatives. You may usually experience trouble while using the Hotmail services. If you are not so able to figure out the cause of the problem or you are not aware how to solve it, then you need to consult with Hotmail Support Number to get proper solution methods to fix down the issues. 

The experts are available at the center to help you with instant and reliable solutions by way of concise step by step measures. 

Types of issues: 

Hotmail is well known to provide less spam, sample space and unique features such as search, stars, labels and filters etc, which simplifies the work.

Hotmail email help

Forgetting the Password:  

This is the most common problem wherein the user forgets the password of their account. Calling on the Hotmail Support Number UK will give an effective resolution steps. You need to select the option that says Can’t Access your Account? Present on the login page. By clicking on this link, you will then redirect to the page where you can comfortably reset the password. Here, you should enter the email address for which you wish to reset the password and ten type the displayed CAPTCHA code in the given field. 

After the completion of this, a password reset link will be sent to the secondary email address. If you have not given any account at the time of registration, then you will assisted by the Microsoft to get back into your account. Hotmail has dedicated service centers that offer premium services to the people to resolve the issues.

Faulty Attachments across several emails:

Many times, when a user send an email with an attachment that exceeds the recommended size permitted by the email service provider of the receiver, then it may leads to the split attachments in the email. A quick way to fix the issue is to reduce the size of the attachments or divide a huge attachment into several parts. If this issue still persists then call to the tech support team. 

Hotmail support number

Enable the Third party cookies:

An alteration in the settings of the browser can result into issues in Hotmail. To make your email account working properly, it is very necessary that the user updates this change in the privacy settings of the browser. 

You will get proper satisfactory solutions and measures to resolve your any kinds of issues by the help of technical experts. If you confront any issue while using your email account, then you must contact to the Hotmail Phone Number 0800 098 8400 to get the appropriate and useful measures to fix down the all issues easily. You may also get proper guidance and full satisfaction by our skilled and trained technicians at an affordable fee.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Easily Setup Auto-Forward in your BT Mail

BT Mail is one of the most superior web based email service that is widely used due to its brilliant and smart user friendly interface. It successively provides the access to the users to optimize its features to accomplish the desired mailing works in an efficient manner. The precise work of BT is very wonderful and it easily shares the data as you can send and receive mails and much more with your friends and relatives in an easy manner. It provides lots of significant features to the users which seems to be very useful for the users to perform the mailing activities in a smart kind of manner. Support service is also a necessary part as they provide proper help and measures to the users to resolve the problem which they face while using their email account. BT Contact Number is available to help the users and also provide useful measures to settle down the all issues. 

BT mail provides forwarding option as this is the way of setting up your BT Mail so that any emails received are automatically sent on to the another email address. You might want to do this when you have more than one account and you are not able to use the both accounts at the same time, then you can use this brilliant feature to merge the email accounts and also manage the emails of both accounts from a single account. 

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Steps to Auto-Forward email messages are as follows:

setup Auto-Forward in bt mail
  • At first, you may select the icon of Settings from the toolbar.
  • From the left hand menu, select the option of Mail.
  • From the drop down menu, select the option of Auto-Forward.
  • Tick the option to Auto-forward all incoming emails and type in the email address of the destination you wish to forward your emails to. If you want to forward your email messages to more than one location, you can add the multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma or semicolon.
  • To keep a copy of the forwarded email, select the field of Keep Copy. 
  • Click on the option of save in the toolbar.
  • A confirmation message will appear at the top of the page. 
The email messages that are forwarded are not affected by any auto reply or filter settings that you have set. If you have an auto reply set and subsequently auto-forward your all email messages, you will need to ensure that the field of Keep Copy is selected. This will ensure that an auto-reply is sent. If you ever want to cancel the auto-forwarding then you may simply un-tick the option to Auto-Forward all incoming emails, remove the destination email address and then click on Save. 

The above measures are very helpful in auto-forwarding the emails. In case of having any trouble you can directly contact to the BT Helpline Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Measures to Switch from Outlook to Hotmail or vice versa

Hotmail is one of the most wonderful email service which is widely used due to its user friendly interface and fast working experience. This is especially designed to give the perfect access to the users to accomplish the desired mailing works. Later, it is converted into Outlook by adopting some unique and modified features. The interface is become more efficient and fast to let the users to access their email account. With this interface, users can also send and receive emails and also perform many functions. Hotmail Helpline Number is also available for you to overcome on any issue which you face while using your email account. 

As Microsoft has replaced Hotmail with Outlook with the top of its improvement, that makes the layout of Outlook more user friendly on the basis of the need of users. If you are going to create an email account in Hotmail, then you can switch Hotmail account on Outlook and can get started with Outlook. And if you have an email account in Hotmail then you can access your same account at Outlook without creating an account, along with you can switch account from Outlook to Hotmail. You may need to just connect with tech expert’s team to know about the measures to perform such task. 

Some steps to chase for this switching technique from Hotmail to Outlook are as follows:
  • Login to your Hotmail Account, after this go to the inbox.
  • Then you may click on the Options from the top left corner, and then you may click on upgrade to Outlook.
  • Just after clicking on the button, a popup window will then appears on the screen with a message, now click on Upgrade to Outlook.
  • After the completion of above steps, the next window is of Outlook which is holding the same details of account and email messages of yours.
  • Accordingly, you can directly switch this Outlook to Hotmail when you want to access this web app. 
Steps to switch from Outlook to Hotmail are as follows: 
  • Firstly, you may click on the gear icon from the top left corner of the Outlook window.
  • After clicking on that option, a menu will be appearing, and then you may click on the option of Switch back to Hotmail from the menu bar. 
  • A prompted window will display with a message for your experience with the Outlook, as with two options as Send Feedback or Skip Feedback ant between the two you can select. Now you are in Hotmail Web app to access your email account. 

After observing the above listed measures, you can easily switch accounts. If you confront any trouble with this or you have any other doubt then you can contact to the Hotmail Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant measures and solutions to resolve the all issues in an easy manner. You can also avail proper help and support by the tech support team experts.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Avail Brilliant Tech Support Service for Yahoo Login Issues

Yahoo email service is the most precise free web based email service which is widely used in the entire world due to its wide range of features and functions. It gives proper access to the users to accomplish the desired mailing tasks in an easy manner. Yahoo Customer Service is also available that makes assured that their customers stay worry free and enjoy a hassle free mailing experience. Yahoo mail is backed with technology which is fully enveloped with multi level anti spam filters that only protects your data but also has come up with a platform where data can be stored in huge volume. Yahoo Contact Number is always available to assist you and provide you measure to resolve any kind of issues. 

Most common issues faced by the email account users are barred access from mail login, email password recovery, reset of mail password and so on. For all such issues, Yahoo tech support number works as sure shot solution, where the customer service is available 24*7 to recover the forgotten password, deleted or lost emails and offers easy access to mail login. Email account issues are result of either lack in account security or due to password problem or any other technical error. But we comprise of pool of expert support technicians, who are well trained to help users to get out of all these issues without wasting any time. The technicians at Yahoo work out on these issues with the full efficiency in the minimum span. 

Best yahoo login problem solution

Yahoo help desk phone numbers like Yahoo Problem Support Number and Customer Support Number is toll free support phone numbers, with free phone service, so that users can easily get into touch at technical support number and can avail support facility, whenever stuck with mail issues. Different nations have different toll free support phone numbers. If you are also a Yahoo user and are facing issues related to the Yahoo mail, then getting support from the online technical support number for the high tech support service could be the reliable option to settle down the issues, which is not only saves your money but also saves your time and the important mail data. 

Points to memorize to manage the email account effectively- Your mail security always stands as priority as any unauthorized access can cause a big loss to vital confidential info, may alter the sense of info exchanged by you and can lead to the hacking of your other online email accounts. Hence it is very vital to stop any sort of unwanted access to your email account. Any hacking activity can also lead to barred access from login into your email account. Also the possibility is there that you are unable to login in your email account because of the issue of forgotten password. 

Yahoo mail stands at top notch only because of its innovative technology and a high multilevel security service, assures that users will always stay connected with the others via email communication. 

In case of trouble, you can contact to the Yahoo Helpline Number 0800-098-8400 to get reliable measures to fix the issues.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Easy Tips to Customize BT Mail Settings

BT Mail is one of the leading email services which are very popular in the entire world. it gives a perfect access to the users to use their email account in the desired manner. It also provides lots of customized settings option by which you can set the changes in settings according to your wish. There are the some settings which you may change in your email service. If you need any experts help then you can get measures by the BT Support Number to obtain the solution and measures to perform the task. 

Customize bt mail setting

Instructions to change Email Preview view: 

1. To do this, you may simply select the icon and make your selection. Your choices may be:
  • Right Preview. 
  • Below Preview
2. Click on Save from the Toolbar. You will get a configuration message. You can easily change the email message preview view from the Mail tab. 

1. Select the option of Change View at the top right side. Then a drop down menu will display.
2. Select the Preview view you want from the available options: 
  • Right Preview. 
  • Below Preview. 
  • View of Attachment. 
  • View of Conversation. 
3. Your page will then refresh and your chosen preview view will be shown. It won’t be automatically saved so you will need to click on Save from the tab toolbar. 

Instructions to retain a copy of Sent email messages: 

By default all the sent messages are stored in sent mail folder. If you don’t want to retain copies of sent email messages you need to deselect the Send email option within the General Settings and then select the Save option from the toolbar. 

You should get a configuration message after this done. 

Instructions to Format Mail: 

  • The mail format for all the messages is set by default to always send emails by HTML. 
  •  If you receive an email includes HTML, BT Mail automatically translates the HTML into styles, sizes, fonts, colors etc. 
  •  Mail also automatically converts the email addresses and URL into the hotlinks in email messages that you receive, so you can click them to open the email address in a new browser window. 
  •  Some email applications may not however have the ability to display HTML email messages including graphics and links. Others can only display text or limited graphics. If you try to view an HTML email in a text only email reader, your message won’t display properly. 
  •  You can switch to a plain text version by deselecting the Mail Format option. Remember to click on Save. 

Instructions for Auto save: 

  • To avoid losing work in progress, BT Mail auto saves any email messages you are in the process of creating. You can choose to switch off or change the frequency of when auto save is applied. 
  •  To switch the auto save function off, simply deselect the Auto save option. 
  •  To change the frequency of when auto save is applied, select the drop down option and select the time period. 
  •  Remember to select the Save button to ensure any changes you make are applied. 

If you are facing any issue then you can contact to the BT Helpline Number 0800 098 8400 to get the perfect solutions and measures to resolve any