Thursday, 16 February 2017

Set Up BT Mail on Android and Windows based Mobile Devices

BT Email is one of the leading email services which is very precise due to its features. It is available for users only by the access with an internet connection because it a web based email service. It also supports the feature to access on mobile phones. You can also use a mobile phone or an email programmer to send and receive messages. BT Support Number gives few measures to setup your email account on mobile devices and any other bt mail problems help from easy ways.

This is done, due to the fact if you set up your mobile phone or email client with the modern IMAP or POP3 protocol, the username and password of your account are sent ‘within the clear’ over the internet. This means that every person with the ability to get right of entry to your electronic mail customer’s login session over an insecure web connection, along with a public Wi-Fi hotspot, can without difficulty retrieve your username and password. When they have this information they may then see your email without your permission or even use your account to send spam....Read More

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