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Manage the Inline Images in your Yahoo Mail

Manage the Inline Images in your Yahoo Mail Yahoo Mail is widely used free web based email service which is especially designed to give the proper access to the users to create your own email account and perform the mailing activities. But Yahoo users can only send the messages but they are allowed to exchange any kind of files, attachments, audio, video and much more. If the users are using the older version then they are able to add the photos with the email message. With the help of yahoo Mail, it is very easy to switch the two Yahoo Mail versions; you may only need to click on the alternate version link. Including the images is very easy this is not only makes the mails messages more attractive but it also helps in conveying in an attractive and understanding manner. Yahoo Customer Service Number provides you measures to perform this function. 

Below listed are the measures to use images in your Yahoo Mail: 
  • Login to your Yahoo Mail with your username id and password. 
  • Now click on the New option and select the option of Email Message from the drop down menu. 
  • A tab of new email message will then display. 
  • You can now be able to add the images anytime while composing the email.
  • You can also insert your picture by using the Attach feature of Yahoo Mail. 
  • Just below the new email message option, you will get a button named as Attach. 
  • When you click on the button of Attach a pop up window will appear that will show on the hard disk of your system. 
  • From here you can navigate via the folder in which you have saved your all photos. 
  • You can select pictures from your directory by clicking on it and click on the open button. 
  • Each picture that is inserted in the Yahoo email message gets a Remove link beside. 
  • After Clicking, it will take out the file from the email attachment list. 
Points to remember while inserting the pictures: 
  • You can attach any kind of digital file and picture in your email. 
  • All the email attachments are scanned by an antivirus program. 
  • Number of images inserted in one email is limited to 10MB. 
  • Pictures are added one by one; in case of adding multiple you may select the Attach feature. 
  • You can insert pictures, text, audio, video in an email. 
After looking the above mentioned measures, you may surely get know about the measures to attach the email attachment in your Yahoo Mail. If you are having trouble with this, or you are unable to attach the files, then you can contact to the Yahoo Technical Support Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues in an instant manner. You may also get experts help and guidance to settle down the all issues and use your account without any fault. 


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