Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Easy Tips to Customize BT Mail Settings

BT Mail is one of the leading email services which are very popular in the entire world. it gives a perfect access to the users to use their email account in the desired manner. It also provides lots of customized settings option by which you can set the changes in settings according to your wish. There are the some settings which you may change in your email service. If you need any experts help then you can get measures by the BT Support Number to obtain the solution and measures to perform the task. 

Customize bt mail setting

Instructions to change Email Preview view: 

1. To do this, you may simply select the icon and make your selection. Your choices may be:
  • Right Preview. 
  • Below Preview
2. Click on Save from the Toolbar. You will get a configuration message. You can easily change the email message preview view from the Mail tab. 

1. Select the option of Change View at the top right side. Then a drop down menu will display.
2. Select the Preview view you want from the available options: 
  • Right Preview. 
  • Below Preview. 
  • View of Attachment. 
  • View of Conversation. 
3. Your page will then refresh and your chosen preview view will be shown. It won’t be automatically saved so you will need to click on Save from the tab toolbar. 

Instructions to retain a copy of Sent email messages: 

By default all the sent messages are stored in sent mail folder. If you don’t want to retain copies of sent email messages you need to deselect the Send email option within the General Settings and then select the Save option from the toolbar. 

You should get a configuration message after this done. 

Instructions to Format Mail: 

  • The mail format for all the messages is set by default to always send emails by HTML. 
  •  If you receive an email includes HTML, BT Mail automatically translates the HTML into styles, sizes, fonts, colors etc. 
  •  Mail also automatically converts the email addresses and URL into the hotlinks in email messages that you receive, so you can click them to open the email address in a new browser window. 
  •  Some email applications may not however have the ability to display HTML email messages including graphics and links. Others can only display text or limited graphics. If you try to view an HTML email in a text only email reader, your message won’t display properly. 
  •  You can switch to a plain text version by deselecting the Mail Format option. Remember to click on Save. 

Instructions for Auto save: 

  • To avoid losing work in progress, BT Mail auto saves any email messages you are in the process of creating. You can choose to switch off or change the frequency of when auto save is applied. 
  •  To switch the auto save function off, simply deselect the Auto save option. 
  •  To change the frequency of when auto save is applied, select the drop down option and select the time period. 
  •  Remember to select the Save button to ensure any changes you make are applied. 

If you are facing any issue then you can contact to the BT Helpline Number 0800 098 8400 to get the perfect solutions and measures to resolve any


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