Monday, 16 October 2017

Useful Steps to Resolve Yahoo Mail Attachment Issues

Yahoo Mail is the most suitable web based email service for the users as this is worldwide used service. It provides a fast user friendly interface and lots of useful features to the users by which users can easily deal with their clients and also communicate with friends and relatives. There are the times, when you want to attach any file by using attachments option in email, but you are not so able to attach the file with your email. If you confront such issue and you are not able to fix this on your own, then you can connect with Yahoo Support Number UK to get appropriate and useful solutions tips. 

Below listed are the measures to resolve Attachment issues: 
  • If you are using Internet Explorer to access your Yahoo Mail Account, then switch your browser to any other. Yahoo does not include Internet Explorer in its supported browser list so some features might not work properly.
  • Sign out from your Yahoo mail and thus sign in again. from the gear icon drop down at the top right side, select the settings, check that the first option of Viewing Email is selected or not. Scroll down and click to the radio button in front of Basic below the mail version heading. Click on the Save. Now you can switch back to the standard version by clicking on the link at the top right side. 
  • Another common issue is antivirus conflict. Yahoo uses antivirus to scan emails and files attached therein. If your system has any other antivirus program, then it will create a conflict. So, you may temporarily disable the antivirus program of your system and try to attach and download the files from your Yahoo Mail.
  • Go to your web browser settings and clear all cookies, current logins and the web history. Shut the web browser and thus re-open it to access the Yahoo Mail and check the issue is resolved.
  • Attachment of the files also fails due to their large size as Yahoo Mail only allows the attachments upto 25 MB. If your file size is larger than this, then you need to split the file into multiple parts so that it can attach easily.
  • Also be sure that the attachment file name does not contain any special characters such as hash tag, underscore, dot etc.
  • Some time, the attachment does not work through the paper clip icon. In such a case, just drag and drop the file in the message box to quickly attach it to the email. 
The above mentioned steps are very useful and you can easily fix the attachment issues. If you are getting any issue in that again or you have any trouble then you can contact to the Yahoo Customer Service Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures by which you can easily solve the all issues. You may also proper guidance throughout the process. 


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