Thursday, 2 November 2017

Why is BT Mail Not Sending Emails? How to Fix it?

BT Mail is superbly the most promising email service that is very popular in the entire world because of its brilliant customized interface that let the users to communicate with the people in an effective manner. Many a times, there are the chances when you are not able to send email via your account. If you are no longer tends to receive or sends email messages, then this kind of issue can be resolved with the help of a ISP of your email. In fact, users have something missing or all settings get outdated in the section of Accounts as in Mail Preferences. BT Customer Service Number provides you perfect troubleshoot measures why is BT mail not sending emails.   

bt mail sending problem

Take a look on the measures listed below to resolve this problem instantly: 
  • Firstly, open the Mail app and then select to go to the main menu and then select Preferences. 
  • Now you may select a tab of accounts in the given list of preferences window. 
  • Now select the mail account that has an experience in resolving the problems or errors.
  • Then see below the Account info tab and then give a one click on Outgoing Mail Server as SMTP, and then select the Edit SMTP in the given list of server. 
  • Now the users need to select an Advanced tab and Edit the SMTP server list screen.
  • Go to the re-enter the all details as its username and password for an affected email account here.
  • Give a single click on OK button and close that preferences tab. Now select to Save them whenever asked to make any changes.
  • Then at last you can email and send, it facing errors in sending emails via BT Mail, go to the next trick.
fix sending mail error

Second method to resolve such issue is as follows: 
  • Firstly, be sure that you have installed the latest version of the mail app. In such case, if an issue arises suddenly and then after installing the last update.
  • Now you may see the status icon, and a brief error message shown to the left hand side of a Mail window at the bottom of the search field. This message conveys as Network Offline or your Login gets failed. 
  • At last, you may check all the connections that are properly plugged into a Mail Connection. If the error still occurs then you may take help from the experts. 
If your problem is not solved after optimizing the above listed measures, then there could be any other problem that not let you to access the emails in an appropriate manner. If you are having error with this or you are in any trouble then you can contact to the BT Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to fix down the all issues in an accurate manner. You may also get satisfactory solutions and proper support by the skilled and qualified technicians to manage the all issues. 


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