Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Complete Guide to Edit Your Received Hotmail Emails by Tech Support Experts

Outlook is famous for its enhanced mail services. It has been into existence from last few years and since then it has been a leading provider of enhanced mail services. Outlook provides enhanced mail applications only and this unique facility makes it different from other existing mail platform. Outlook takes care of its users by providing an extra layer of security for all of them. To make its users experience better and enhanced outlook brings in the most enhanced services and all these applications and features are easy to use yet if user face any problem using any of the outlook services they may obtain easy help from Hotmail Technical Support Number

Outlook is the most widely used mail platform. Being a common medium of mail exchange each day hundreds of mails are exchanged via Hotmail platform. It may happen that you receive some mail that you need to forward further to your outlook friend but you need little modification in it. With outlook this is possible to edit the received mail right on the outlook platform and send it further.
edit received mail

Prior to edit a mail message you need to copy and paste it to separate office document of your device and once you make all necessary edits you need to paste it back to your outlook platform in compose mail option or in reply option. This was time consuming but now these steps are no more required because now Hotmail users can rightly edit the mail message in the outlook platform itself and can send it further. With this easy feature the editing and sending of messages has become effortless process on outlook. 

 Doing this is quite easy and you can follow these easy steps to carry out these steps:
  1. Get into your outlook account. 
  2. Open the message. 
  3. Go to message option and select edit option in action column. 
  4. Make necessary changes. 
  5. Now once you choose to close it will ask you to save. You can either save or send
  6. If you click to save you can get back to your mail to see the changes you have already made. 
When you get such a wonderful option of editing the documents online right on your outlook platform you need not to open the file in separate window or space. With this outlook make sure that you can forward the received file after editing it right from your outlook platform itself. This is just one of the wonderful features provided by outlook platform for their users. There exist various other useful features that are utmost useful for users and if they wish to know about this they may obtain easy help from help desk member team only just dial Hotmail Phone Number 0800-098-8400 and get easy help to all your queries regarding Hotmail email issues.