Friday, 12 October 2018

How to Identify BT Email Has Been Compromised?

Bt is an effective mail platform that provides an amazing mail services to millions of users worldwide. Bt email which is commonly known as British telecommunication it famous for providing amazing network to one and all. British telecommunication is worldwide famous for its amazing mail services and it is so famous because it specify its interest only on mail oriented services and nothing else. BT mail makes all possible attempts to bring everything in an easy and enhanced manner and thus it is commonly used mail platform but in case still if any user finds it difficult using anything on their Bt platform they may obtain easy help from BT Support Number.

Bt mail is amazing mail platform that provides effective services to all its users. The only problem that users face on Bt platform is associated with compromised accounts. Due to large number of hackers this is common issues that users faced on Bt mail platform. In such cases it become difficult to manage account on BT. There are several things which a user must take to avoid such problems of compromised mails but before this you must learn the ways to detect your mail compromised issues: 

Identify Compromised BT Email

Following are the ways to detect BT account compromised: 

  1. If you are unable to access your Bt email account. 
  2. If you are repeatedly getting log in failures. 
  3. If it sends to message of wrong password. 
  4. If you get error signing into your Bt account. 
  5. If your BT is asking you to change your id and password. 
  6. If you observe some unusual activity in your Bt mail account. 
  7. If your friends complain about spam mails from your email address. 
  8. If you are receiving message of unauthorized mail access. 

Any of the above can be a clear indication of account being compromised. With right measures and right actions one can avoid such issues. You must remember that every account compromised issue occurs due to password problem and once a hacker get your password he may attempt to get unauthorized action to your account by any means. You must keep on changing password to avoid issues of compromised account further help may also be obtained from BT Customer Service Number UK

In case you did every possible thing but still get prone to such issues you must take immediate action of account recovery without any delay. One of the best way to get back access to your compromised account is by changing your password. Which can let hacker loss access to your account and you can get back access to your own account further if you do not understand how things will be done and need easy help you may obtain it from BT Helpline Phone Number anytime.


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