Sunday, 13 August 2017

Avoid Downloading the Bulk Mail Folder in Yahoo Mail

Bulk mail
Yahoo Mail is one of the prominent email services which is widely used by the peoples due to its user accessible features and functions. It provides proper access to all the users to easily create their own email account and thus perform the mailing activities. The sending and receiving of emails can effectively do with your friends and relatives. You can easily share pictures, videos, attachments and much more via email. If you use Yahoo Mail with your email client and the POP access, you may certainly have noticed that you are not only reading all your good email easily, but also all the spam that is usually filtered to the spam folder automatically. Yahoo Helpline Number is there to assist you and help you in avoid downloading the bulk mail folder. 

By default Yahoo Mail provides these messages for download via POP to be sure that you are not missing any vital email. Fortunately, you can turn server side spam filtering on the POP access too. Io order to get the measures to perform this task, you may just need to get connect with the tech support team. 

Measures to avoid downloading the Bulk mail folder in Yahoo Mail are as follows: 

You make sure that Yahoo Mail does not send you any mail recognized as spam when you download this by using POP. 
  • Move the mouse cursor over the gear icon near to the top right corner of your Yahoo Mail.
  • Select the option of Settings from the menu that appears. • Now go to the Account tab. 
  • Click to Edit which is next to the desired yahoo Mail address below the Yahoo Account. 
  • Be sure that Don’t download the spam emails is selected below the POP. 
  • Click to Save and again click to Save. 

Measures to avoid downloading the bulk mail folder in Yahoo Mail Classic via POP:
  • Firstly, you need to follow the link of Mail Options in Yahoo Mail.
  • Now go to the POP Options.
  • Be sure that Download my Bulk Email Folder as well as my inbox is not selected. 
Yahoo bulk mail support

Now you take into account that spam will now be kept online in your Yahoo Mail Spam folder. It will stay there for at least 1 month and count towards your usage quota. To be sure that you are not running out of online disk space, and to make sure that you are not missing vital emails, review the spam mail folder from time to time. 

If you are facing certain issues with this concept or you are in any other trouble then you can contact to the Yahoo Contact Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues in an effective manner. You can also get proper help and support by the skilled and qualified third party technical experts team to resolve the all issues and gives access to fault free account. 

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