Monday, 21 August 2017

Easy Solution to Convert AOL Mail to PST File

covert aol mail to pst file
AOL Mail is one of the desired web based email service which is uniquely designed to give the perfect access to the users to perform the mailing activities with their own email account. It is precise due to its user friendly interface and it let you to easily perform the desired tasks in a quick manner. AOL Mail client saves their emails in the storage proprietary file PFC. The AOL PFC file are unable to open in the Outlook, as it doesn’t support this file format. In order to make the AOL Emails accessible in the Outlook then you need to convert the AOL emails to the PST file type, which is supported by the Outlook. If you are not aware about the procedure of performing this process, then you can connect with the AOL Customer Service Number to know about the process and they will provide measures and assistance to help you in doing this.
As you thought that why it is necessary then you must know about this. If any specific organization is switching from AOL Desktop to Outlook, the employees need to access their AOL emails into MBOX file to the PST type file. The conversion may be proffered by the users because of the superior and fine features provided by the Outlook such as it is integrated with various inbuilt applications unlike AOL Desktop and it provides a safe and secure enterprise option of email client with the functionality of cross program.

Method to convert AOL email to PST is as:
Look if there is any manual method to access the AOL emails in the Outlook. if you need to transfer only few emails from AOL to the Outlook, there is one solution to send the desired emails from an active AOL account to the Outlook email address. Then the AOL emails will be accessible when the Outlook account receives the AOL emails.
As this manual method is not enough if you have large number of AOL emails which is why you can use effective third party software AOL Backup. The software is very useful as it can easily download the all AOL emails from the AOL Server and also convert them to the PST file and making it accessible in the Outlook. This software also provides you an option to convert the selective AOL emails to the PST file specifying the range of data. The space of the AOL server can be cleared after downloading the emails from the server by using the option of Delete Email after Backup.
The above measures could help you properly in doing this process. If you are having any typical issue or you are unable to perform the task then you can contact to the AOL Helpline Number 0800 098 8400 to get the instant solutions and useful measures to resolve the all issues in an instant and proper manner. You can also avail 24*7 help and support by the experts.